Douglas C-47 Skytrain ‘Drag-Em-Oot’


Artist’s notes…

“I really enjoyed creating this depiction of Drag-Em-Oot, she has such an interesting and varied history. I used to love seeing her up close in the hangar when she was based at East Kirkby but seeing her fly and hearing those radials is always the best way to see her. The C-47 is one of those aircraft that just look right, you know? I’ll have to add some more to the collection but this one had to be the first!

The printing method and paper are just as important as the artwork itself. I did a lot of research and test prints before settling on the final stock and print method I now use. I soft proof every artwork myself to ensure each print will be as, if not more stunning once in physical form. The Hahnemühle German Etching paper is reassuringly heavyweight and extremely tactile, you’ll have to really resist holding it too much! The texture is luxuriously velvety and really helps the art jump out of the paper. The archival inks boast rich colours and contrast and capture every detail.”